“Washed” Australian Data

If you are wanting to call Residential prospects in Australia (that are not deemed to be on your personal database) you must wash your list via the Do Not Call Register

The Do Not Call Register (the Register) provides Australians with the opportunity to opt out of receiving certain telemarketing calls. The Register is operated by Service Stream Solutions Pty Ltd.

It is against the law for unsolicited telemarketing calls to be made to a number listed on the Register unless consent has been given for the call or the call falls within an exemption under the Act or the regulations. Any business that calls a number on the Register, or arranges for a call to be made to a number on the Register, may be in breach of the legislation and face penalties if it cannot justify the call under the Act.

What is a telemarketing call?

The Do Not Call Register Act broadly defines a telemarketing call as a voice call made to a telephone number to:

  1. offer, supply, provide, advertise

We provide a washing service where you get:

a) The comprehensive list for your area

b)  A list of those you can cold call in your area.

NOTE: This list is available to call for 30 days from the date of washing.

Do Not Call RegisterACMA

The list comes in electronic form

* Excel OR 
* CSV format (Comma Separated Value)


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