Telemarketing Services

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Telemarketing Services

So you have a contact list from us  – we hope!

What now? Do you want to call them, but haven’t got the time or willingness to call?

We recommend in New Zealand:


Phone Logic

Click on the logo below for further detail.  Then pick up the phone and have a chat to Melanie, she has a wealth of experience to add value to your business.


We have strict criteria before making any recommendation and we consider the following;

* How long has the  telemarketing company has been in business

* Pricing

* We speak to a number of their clients to see how they rate the company on;

a) Results

b) Reporting

c)  How they deal with any member of the public problems

* Caller experience and training

* Variety of calling. What types of calling do they do on a regular basis

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